YUFA members ratify the tentative agreement!

The results of the ratification votes are now in, and YUFA is pleased to announce that the tentative agreement is ratified. The results of the vote are as follows: Yes votes: 1212 No votes: 126 Number of ballots cast: 1343 (including five abstentions)  

YUFA is hiring 2 full-time Executive Associates/Staff Representatives!

The York University Faculty Association (YUFA) is the union representing 1600 faculty, librarians/archivists, and post-doctoral visitors at York University. We are seeking to fill two full-time vacancies for the position of Executive Associate/Staff Representative in an active union office located on York's Keele campus. One position is a permanent appointment...

Tentative Agreement Reached!

YUFA is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached* and the YUFA Executive has unanimously voted to send it for ratification by members. Exceptionally long bargaining sessions with a mediator, combined with the members’ strong support for the strike mandate vote, resulted in our Bargaining Team’s success...

Strike Pay, Sabbatical, and Strike Protocols

In response to YUFA’s letter to negotiate a Strike Protocol, York University Vice President McAuley has posted a communication detailing the University’s position, dated 15 March 2022.  

Bargaining Bulletin #10: Where's the money going?

The Employer continues to not adequately address YUFA proposals that would make much needed improvements to the working conditions of York faculty. It has been exceptionally difficult for our Bargaining Team, which continues to work tirelessly to find agreement with the Employer on reasonable policy proposals. These proposals, widely supported...

Bargaining Bulletin #9: News update on bargaining

Our Bargaining Team continues to work with the mediator to achieve a fair and equitable contract that recognizes the very considerable efforts made by our members to serve our students and the university during challenging times.

Bargaining Bulletin #8: Thinking out loud

Dear Colleagues. As YUFA prepares for a possible strike commencing March 24, the comms team have compiled a list of questions that you might have.

Bargaining Bulletin #6: Some clarifications and here we are now

The strike date set for YUFA is March 24. Our negotiating team continues in its strong efforts to secure a settlement with the administration. This bulletin aims to clear up the Administration’s public statements on the university’s website appearing to speak for YUFA in updates for bargaining. This is misleading...