YUFA Governance Committee

Terms of Reference

The Governance subcommittee exists to promote the collegial rights and interests of YUFA members. Its work shall include informing YUFA’s membership and governance bodies of issues of relevance regarding the role and operation of the university’s governance bodies such as Senate, the Board of governors and the University administration. The subcommittee may also survey matters of external university governance related to government policy. In addition, the subcommittee shall assist members who wish to organize to strengthen faculty voice and initiative on bodies such as Senate and faculty councils, which may include assisting in the formation of independent faculty caucuses on these bodies, advising on the strengthening of collegial governance procedures and promoting equity in the functioning of governance bodies at the University.


  • Arthur Hilliker (ex-officio)
  • Susan Ingram (ex-officio)
  • Philippe Theophanidis
  • Patrick Phillips
  • Theresa Shanahan
  • Jim Vernon
  • Agnes Whitfield (Chair)



Governance Structures at York


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