Joint Subcommittee on Employment Equity & Inclusivity (JSEEI) (Article 7.08)

As per Article 7.08 of the Collective Agreement, the JSCEEI discusses issues with respect to the requirements of the Federal Contractors Program and the University’s Policies and Programs relating to Employment Equity and Inclusivity.

The Subcommittee also oversee any University-wide equity and inclusivity audits of full-time faculty and librarians/archivists as agreed upon by the Parties and may make recommendations to address any identified concerns on the basis of the outcome of any such audits.

The Subcommittee shall meet at least once every six (6) weeks during the Fall/Winter session and shall submit a summary report of its activities to the JCOAA once annually by June 30th.


  • Merle Jacob
  • Livy Visano
  • Ena Dua

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