December 2023

Welcome to the YUFA December Newsletter!

Thank you to all members who attended the General Members Meeting on Nov. 21st. Thank you also to those who attended the meetings of the YUFA Trust and the YUFA Foundation.

Your participation in the meetings helps to provide guidance to the Executive Committee. Thank you for supporting your organization so that it can best represent your interests and views.

Items and suggestions for the next YUFA Newsletter are appreciated. Please send these along to Thomas Klassen, the YUFA Communications Officer, by December 15, 2023.

All members are strongly encouraged to contact YUFA to learn about ways to get involved with your union and for assistance on workplace matters. 

In this issue:

  1. Summary of YUFA General Membership Meeting (November 21, 2023)

  2. YUFA supports York Federation of Students (YFS) in National Day of Action

  3. YUFA mourns the passing of Professor Emeritus Fred Weizmann

  4. Message from York University Psychology Clinic 

  5. Recent YUFA-M messages

  1. Upcoming events

  1. Further Reading on financial sustainability in higher education

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