YUFA calls on Employer to prevent troubling classroom disruptions on campus

YUFA has been made aware of alarming disruptions of York University lectures. During a recent disruption on October 31st, a group of individuals concealed their identities, entered and took over the class, and rapped about dropping out of university. Disturbingly, one of these individuals made reference to a weapon, and others threatened a YUFA member. The group later posted their “prank” on social media, including YouTube and Tik Tok. Another similar disruption of a large lecture class occurred on November 2nd.  

York University senior administration has been advised of at least three troubling incidents of this nature. Despite informing York Security, the Employer has failed to issue a campus wide advisory alerting faculty, students,and staff of these troubling incidents. It has also failed to provide any communication or instruction on how to prevent and mitigate risks to health and safety in these situations. YUFA immediately reported the recent incidents to its representatives on  the Joint Health & Safety Committee, and its representatives on the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement (JCoAA). YUFA continues to  press the Employer for clear answers, specifically concerning their lack of adequate response protocol at the scene, and  follow-up, which puts employees, students, and the broader community at risk. 

YUFA continues to seek confirmation and evidence from the Employer that it is: 

  • investigating these issues and not downloading responsibility onto individual community members; 

  • reaching out through York’s legal office for the removal of any videos of these incidents on social media; 

  • increasing safety measures around the campus to proactively deter future events of this nature; 

  • providing additional safety supports 

YUFA calls on York University senior administration to swiftly and comprehensively address these “pranks” to protect the health and safety of its faculty, students and staff.  

YUFA support is available for any member who is worried about their safety on campus. Members are encouraged to contact  [email protected] to discuss their collective agreement right to a safe working environment and refusing unsafe work under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  

Members are also encouraged to contact their Joint Health and Safety Committee representatives.

The contact information for York Security is 416-736-5333 or extension 33333. Please also consult the  York University Emergency Response Guide and Senate Policy on Disruptive and/or Harassing behaviour in Academic Situations.