December 2022 Newsletter

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YUFA wishes all members a happy, safe and restful winter break

The year that is ending has been eventful. In the Spring, YUFA members rallied in extraordinary fashion to ensure that a new collective agreement was reached (for the years 2021-24). In the Fall, members again came together to pressure the Ford government to repeal the use of the notwithstanding clause to circumvent the collective bargaining rights that all Canadians have.

The Fall also saw the return to campus of many students, staff and faculty. YUFA has been a strong proponent in making certain that the campuses are safe and welcoming environments.

YUFA is aware that due to provincial legislation the compensation of members is not keeping up with inflation. Last week, the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario declared Bill 124, or the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. YUFA is heartened by this outcome, although disappointed that the provincial government plans to appeal the court decision.

The new year will surely bring new challenges, but as 2022 has demonstrated, acting collectively is a sure way to obtain constructive results.

  1. BREAKING News! Dr. Sheila Embleton announced as interim President of Laurentian University!
  2. Equity Officer - Ratification vote, extended nominations and candidate statement
  3. YUFA will continue to operate remotely
  4. Next Stewards’ Council Meeting
  5. YUFA Committee Vacancies
  6. January 15th deadline for sabbatical leave fellowship application
  7. CAUT Survey for Post-Secondary Faculty and Researchers - January 16, 2022, deadline

Items and suggestions for the next Newsletter are greatly appreciated. Please send these to Thomas Klassen, YUFA Communications Officer.

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