YUFA members call for consideration of a strike mandate vote

At last week's Special General Membership on Bargaining meeting (February 3, 2022), the membership overwhelmingly passed the following motion calling for the YUFA Executive Committee to conduct a vote authorizing possible job action if satisfactory settlement cannot be reached at the table.


In order to provide a firmer basis for progress in the current protracted round of negotiations, the YUFA membership calls upon the YUFA Executive to conduct a vote authorizing possible job action as per Article 9.3 of the YUFA Constitution if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached.

YES: 95%  (156 votes)

NO: 5%  (8 votes)

Total voters (who did not abstain): 164

This would be the first strike mandate vote taken by YUFA members in 25 years. Information about our contract negotiations can be found here.

Please show your support and help increase the bargaining team's leverage at the table by sending this email to the York University's senior administration here and by sharing this link with your networks.