York University Faculty Association support in negotiation letters of offer

Congratulations to those who have received a letter of offer of appointment to York University as a faculty member.  You are urged to read the following message of importance before signing your offer.

The York University Faculty Association (YUFA)  encourages all prospective appointees to contact [email protected] and arrange a confidential consultation to discuss the terms and conditions contained in your recent letter of offer. As offers are negotiated on an individual basis with the Dean or Principal, the nature of these negotiations can put some candidates at a disadvantage if they sign an offer without first obtaining complete information and implications of the terms and conditions of their appointment, including salary, research funds, and workload.

In a recent mixed arbitration decision, the Employer was found to have violated the Collective Agreement in assigning a greater teaching load to individuals, however new faculty hires may agree to increase their individual teaching load. YUFA strongly advises prospective appointees to decline any requests by the Employer to teach at a greater load than the established load for their academic unit during offer negotiations.  

YUFA is committed to eliminating discriminatory pay and working conditions and can play an important role in helping you negotiate a fair and reasonable contract at the outset. The Association negotiated language in Article 12.28.1 of the Collective Agreement requiring the Employer to issue a letter, in conjunction with the letter of offer, advising the successful candidate they may request YUFA advice and guidance. As women and members of equity-seeking groups are most likely to be disadvantaged in these initial salary negotiations, we recommend all prospective appointees to contact us prior to signing an offer. YUFA could help assess the fairness of your initial offer and respond to any questions or concerns you may have in a strictly confidential manner.

Please make a point of contacting us at: [email protected]