What can I do?

You will notice that both “sides” in this labour dispute say they are acting in the interests of  students.  You may feel that this is not quite true, and that you are caught in the middle of other people’s disagreements.  But you have more power and agency than you may think.  Obviously, YUFA members hope that you will agree with us that spending on classroom resources, teaching, research, and equity ought to be prioritized (rather than on more administrators and consultants, for example), and that allowing the legally required model of collegial governance to work as it should (instead of top down decision making) will make for a much better University for all of us, students included.  But, even if you don’t agree with YUFA’s position, you should take action -  your voice as a student matters, and it matters a lot!  Writing letters, starting or signing petitions, making phone calls or sending emails, and organizing as students can help shape the outcome of these negotiations and, if necessary, a strike. If we do strike, your support on the picket lines and adding your voice to the issues will help to ensure a shorter strike. If YUFA members have to take strike action (and we hope we do not!), then we are striking against the Administration, not you.