Welcome back!

YUFA extends warm wishes to all members as the Winter term begins.

YUFA thanks all members who voted in the YUFA Officer Election in December. YUFA is grateful to the members who ran for office. The results of the election are available on the YUFA website here.  

The current collective agreement between YUFA and the York University Board of Governors (the body representing the Employer) expires on April 30, 2024. The YUFA bargaining team for negotiations with the Employer has been established.

If a new collective agreement is not ratified before the expiry date of the current agreement, the terms and conditions of employment of the current collective agreement continue to apply.

For the upcoming round of bargaining, YUFA will no longer be constrained by provincial legislation (Bill 124) that limited compensation increases to one percent each year during the current collective agreement.

YUFA will regularly update members in regard to negotiations.