Survey of members, YUFA obtains documents from Employer on the use of external consultant, expiry of current collective agreement

Dear colleagues,

It has been an eventful weekend for the unions on campus as they reached agreement with the Employer. Please find details of the Bill-124 retroactive award for YUFA in a message earlier this morning to members. On another matter, CUPE 3903 reports that its bargaining team reached a tentative agreement.

  1. The survey of member communications will be open until Friday, April 19. Do consider completing the survey (it will take 3 minutes).

  2. Members will find the June 5, 2023, NOUS “Final Review and Transition Considerations” report on the Service Excellence Program. This report is part of the $7.8M 3-year contract initially granted to NOUS Group Holdings (Canada) Ltd. by the Board of Governors on June 23, 2020. The contract was extended to $8.3M on June 27, 2023, when the Board of Governors authorized the University to commission additional work in the form of three projects: SSRP Analysis, Advancement Review, and Glendon Review.

    After many repeated requests through summer and fall of 2023, YUFA was provided with a copy of NOUS “Final Review and Transition Considerations” on November 20, 2023. The Association then requested for this report to be shared with the membership. The Employer granted permission and requested the cover letter by Assistant Vice-President Labour Relations to accompany the release of the report. For additional context, members are invited to consult a peer-reviewed article co-written by academics impacted by the work of the NOUS Group: ““Nousferatu”: Are corporate consultants extracting the lifeblood from universities?”

  3. The current collective agreement between YUFA and the York University Board of Governors (the body representing the Employer) expires on April 30, 2024.

    Although negotiations have begun between YUFA and the Employer, a new collective agreement will not be ratified before the expiry date of the current agreement. The terms and conditions of employment in the expired collective agreement continue to apply until the new collective agreement is in place.