Update on the Joint Financial Information Subcommittee

The Joint Financial Information Committee met for an hour on October 12, 2023. Our focus was the University’s multi-year budget: how faculty targets and budgets cuts are determined; why contributions to the University and Capital Funds are being increased when faculties are struggling to maintain course and program commitments; and what measures are being taken to reassess and reduce projected capital expenses including the millions invested in a student file management system (SSRP). A summary of the discussion, YUFA information requests, and the administration’s response can be seen on the Joint Financial Information Subcommittee’s page on the YUFA website.

Meetings take place without prejudice to the parties’ position with respect to YUFA’s September 8, 2023 policy grievance, which we filed because of the employer’s failure to provide information and required meeting dates. We have made new requests for information and are awaiting the Employer’s response.

The next meetings are now scheduled for November 17 and December 8. The YUFA Subcommittee welcomes questions and suggestions from YUFA members. You can reach the Subcommittee at [email protected] or [email protected]