April 2023

Welcome to YUFA’s April Newsletter!

Items and suggestions for the next Newsletter are greatly appreciated. Please send these to Thomas Klassen, YUFA Communications Officer.

YUFA reminds members that they are entitled to bring another YUFA member along to any meetings with administrators, including Deans and Associate Deans as well as other senior administrators. Members may also request representation from  YUFA Chief Stewards and staff at any meeting with the senior administration by contacting [email protected].

In this issue:

  1. YUFA is seeking members for:

  2. YUFA Climate Emergency Committee (YCEC) Working Group on Finance and Divestment: Excalibur Op-Ed

  3. YUFA Community Projects Committee: Call for New Members

  4. Links to YUFA-M messages sent in March 2023 

  5. Upcoming events & meetings

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