YUFA memo on remediation and overwork compensation

Members may request overwork compensation for strike-related additional work. This includes teaching and administrative work. Members who hold an Appendix P position (such as Chair, Graduate Program Director, or Program Coordinator) or any other academic admin position may request that their strike-related overwork be compensated. Members who performed extra teaching or admin work of any kind due to the strike may request compensation.

If your overwork compensation is unreasonably denied, please contact YUFA at [email protected].

Members may request compensation by completing this form. Please submit the completed form to your Dean’s Office or Principal's Office, along with a statement outlining the additional work you were required to undertake.

YUFA has made a number of other agreements with the Employer on matters related to the CUPE 3903 strike in 2018.

T. & P. stop-out

Members may request a T. & P. stop-out from their Dean or Principal for the strike year. Members who have questions or concerns about the impact of the strike on their T. & P. process should contact YUFA at [email protected].

For more information, please click here.

Teaching evaluations

Teaching evaluations from strike years need not be included in candidate files, or used for any matter whatsoever, unless the faculty member chooses to include them. That includes evaluations from the March 2015 strike year (Fall-Winter 2014-15 courses and Winter 2015 courses), as well as the 2018 strike year (Fall-Winter 2017-18, Winter 2018, and Summer 2018).

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