YUFA executive meets with York University President

On January 23, 2023, the Executive Committee of YUFA met for 90 minutes with Rhonda Lenton, President of York University, to discuss matters of mutual interest and of concern to the university. Also at the meeting was Lisa Philipps, Provost and Vice-President Academic, along with other senior administrators. This is a regular meeting that, according to Article 7.07 of the Collective Agreement, shall be held twice a year upon the request of either the President or YUFA.

The first item on the agenda was the proposal for the Vaughan Healthcare Centre Precinct - School of Medicine. President Lenton provided an update of the proposal noting that the administration is waiting for a response from the provincial government before further action can be taken. YUFA executive members highlighted the need for financial details of the proposal to be shared, and for assurances from the administration that this initiative will not be a drain on existing faculties.

Also discussed at the meeting was the development of plans for a new administrative academic structure and a harmonization of undergraduate degree offerings at Glendon College. YUFA executive members emphasized the importance of providing support, and respect, for Glendon faculty members who have undertaken extensive work in establishing a new strategic direction for Glendon.

Discussed at less length was the last round of collective bargaining. President Lenton proposed, and YUFA agreed, that it would be beneficial for YUFA and the employer to engage in a review of the 2021-22 bargaining process. Arrangements to do so have begun.

The state of wellbeing among the professoriate was then discussed, with YUFA stressing the need to ensure that administrators, especially chairs and deans, are well versed in leadership skills, familiar with the Collective Agreement, and supportive of YUFA colleagues to undertake their duties in safe and healthy work environments.

The remaining items on the agenda – Research Supports/Service Concerns, EDI (overworked Indigenous faculty and related retention issues), and Governance and Consultations Concerns – will be discussed at a follow-up meeting, to take place between YUFA and President Lenton on March 28, 2023.