YUFA collaborates with unions on campus

YUFA continues to work together with other unions on campus on shared priority issues, including health and safety, relations with the Employer, and collective bargaining.

YUFA, along with other unions, is disappointed that the Employer continues to contend that there is little money for unionized employee compensation, especially retroactive pay for the past three years when salaries for unionized employees were limited to a 1% increase. As noted by the Ontario Auditor General, during the past five years, the administration increased the number of senior managers by 37% and the amount of related compensation (salary, benefits, bonuses, and stipends) by 47%. Salaries paid to Associate/Assistant Vice-Presidents increased by 73%, and salaries paid to Vice-Presidents increased by 48%.

All unions are of the view that the administration must invest in its own employees if the university is to flourish and continue delivering a high-quality educational experience.