YUFA begins negotiations for a new collective agreement

The YUFA collective agreement expires at the end of April 2024. 

YUFA's bargaining team has begun to meet the Employer in the early stages of negotiations to achieve a renewal of the collective agreement. At the urging of the Employer, two meetings will take place on April 2 and April 23 where we anticipate receiving some non-monetary proposals from the Employer and to discuss preliminaries of the bargaining process. 

YUFA has signaled to the Employer that we intend to present our proposals at a later date, in line with the process mandated by our constitution and by-laws, which include a package of bargaining proposals that have been approved by Stewards' Council and members at a General Membership Meeting.

YUFA will update members on a regular basis about the scheduling of meetings for approving bargaining proposals and also about developments at the bargaining table.