Uploading grades to eClass

On February 12, 2024, YUFA learned that Deans and Associate-Deans in various faculties have asked YUFA members to upload grades from their current course (winter, or year-long) to eClass, and do so prior to the start of the reading week (Feb. 17-23, 2024). It is alleged the request stems from the Vice Provost Academic.

Regardless of the reasons provided, the use of eClass for grading is optional. YUFA members are not required to use eClass to record grades. Requesting that grades be uploaded to eClass creates additional workload for members and impinges upon their academic freedom. YUFA has informed the Employer of the Association's position that eClass is optional for members to use to input grades. 

Please note that YUFA members are required to upload the final grades for courses using Grades Input on the Web (GAM), part of the Student Information System (SIS).

The request that YUFA members and/or their Teaching Assistants upload grades on eClass appears to be motivated by a desire of the Employer - currently in negotiation with CUPE 3903 - to undermine solidarity between campus unions. YUFA expresses its support for CUPE 3903 in negotiations for a fair contract.