Unions on campus present counterproposal on Bill-124 compensation

Today unions at York University, including YUFA, made a counterproposal to the Employer regarding compensation for the past three years (during which time salary increases were limited to 1% due to provincial legislation that has since been found to be unconstitutional).

The Employer has offered a single retroactive increase of 2% effective May 2023, and NO increases for 2021 and 2022.

The counterproposal is for retroactive increases of 4% for each of 2021, 2022 and 2023Please see the counterproposal here.

In making this counterproposal, YUFA notes that the report released last week by the Auditor General of Ontario of its audit of York University found widespread administrative bloat, especially at the senior management level.

The Auditor noted that over the past five years for senior administrators:

  • compensation (salary, benefits, bonuses and stipends) increased by 47%
  • salaries paid to Associate/Assistant Vice-Presidents increased by 73% 
  • salaries paid to Vice-Presidents increased by 48% 
  • the size of the senior administration increased by 37%        

YUFA will continue to keep members informed of negotiations on retroactive salary.