Treatment of YUFA members and staff

YUFA is an organization that operates democratically in the interests of its members. Much of what YUFA accomplishes is due to the energy, collegiality and engagement of its members.

In light of the above, it is of utmost importance that all members, as well as YUFA staff, are treated with patience, respect and understanding. YUFA consists of many voices. Ensuring that all members of the association are comfortable in expressing their views is essential for the strength of the organization.

The Executive Committee and the members of various committees strive to respond to member inquiries and concerns in a sensitive and timely manner. At the same time, it is important for members to understand that YUFA is dealing with many items, some of which are complex and time consuming. Answers and actions may not be as quick as any individual member might wish.

With much of the communication within YUFA taking place in a digital manner, rather than in-person, it is crucial that extra time, tolerance and respect is taken when writing an email, a chat in a Zoom meeting, or making a statement made during an online discussion.