Retroactive pay, and YUFA support for CUPE 3903

1. Employer accepts YUFA proposal to settle retroactive pay

For the past three years, compensation increases for YUFA members were limited to 1% each year due to Bill 124 (recently found unconstitutional by the courts). To quickly settle matters related to retroactive pay, YUFA and several other campus unions on February 29, 2024, proposed multi-party interest arbitration to the Employer.

The Employer agreed with the proposal, but initially sought to exclude YUFA members who had retired or otherwise left the bargaining unit during the past three years. YUFA and the other unions refused to accept this condition.

YUFA is pleased that on March 15, 2024, the Employer agreed to arbitrate a settlement that would include both current and former employees. YUFA will update members in April once arbitration starts.

2. YUFA continues to support CUPE 3903

YUFA re-asserts its solidarity with efforts by CUPE 3903 to reach a fair agreement and calls for the Employer to return to the bargaining table. As CUPE 3903 has noted, negotiating at the bargaining table is the most effective and fastest way to end the strike.

YUFA fully supports the strategies by CUPE 3903 to obtain decent wages, job stability, and better workplace conditions that improve the learning experience for students.