Resolution for Employer LTD premium deduction errors

YUFA has recently resolved a dispute with the Employer on historic long-term disability (LTD) premium deduction errors experienced by members on Reduced Load and Irrevocable Reduced Load. As part of the resolution we have secured a small fund to be distributed among members who come forward with LTD premium deduction errors.

This issue was brought to YUFA's attention through the diligent work of Prof. Kim Maltman, a member of the YUFA Pension Committee. YUFA thanks members who came forward following the June 5, 2023 YUFA-M communication to members raising the matter.   

As part of the resolution, YUFA secured compensation for those members who came forward with deduction errors totaling about $10,000. The additional fund will now be equitably distributed by YUFA for any additional members who were not found during the previous call-out. However, this additional funding is only available for a small window of time after which any undistributed funds must be returned to the University.

This final window will be the last time that YUFA is able to seek corrections for deduction errors of this nature that occurred prior to February 14, 2024.

If you believe this might apply to you, please reach out to YUFA at [email protected] as quickly as possible and before March 24, 2024. YUFA will then provide an Excel spreadsheet that can be used by members to determine whether or not they have also suffered such LTD over-deductions.