Reminder: YUFA Executive Officer Elections for 2024-2026 Term (December 20th 10am deadline to vote)

The voting period for YUFA Officer positions beginning June 1, 2024, and ending May 31, 2026 term (with the exception of the 2023-2025 Chief Steward vacancy) are almost closing.  The voting period closes at 10:00 am on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.  Eligible voters have received instructions via electronic mail as of 10:00 am on December 6, 2023.  If you are an eligible voter and have not received your electronic link to vote, please contact YUFA asap at [email protected].

The names of the candidates for each YUFA office and their respective statements are below. To access a PDF version of a candidate's statement, click on the candidate's name.


Vice-President Internal: 

Vice-President External:  

Chief Steward: 

Equity Officer:  

Communications Officer: 


Recording Secretary: 

Voter Eligibility:

As cited in Article 2 of the YUFA Constitution, definition of membership, eligible voters are: “full-time members of the academic staff engaged in teaching and/or research, including professional librarians whether on reduced load, or on leave etc. retired members of the academic staff engaged in teaching in a given year, or retired professional librarians engaged in the fulfillment of professional librarian responsibilities in a given year”, as determined by the YUFA dues list provided by the Employer. Only dues-paying members are eligible voters.

To access the call for the 2024-2026 YUFA Executive Officer nominations, click here.