Remediation Advisory

Since the end of the strike by CUPE 3903, YUFA has communicated members’ questions and concerns about the remediation process to the Employer. This advisory serves to communicate the results of those discussions to date. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

1. Requests for grade assessments based on at least 50% of the work

In accordance with the Remediation and Accommodation guidelines released by the Senate Executive on March 27, students with certain pressing needs may apply for an assessed grade based on work completed provided that the work comprises at least 50 percent of the course grade in the original syllabus. Such assessed grades may be granted only with the agreement of the instructor.

2. Remuneration for additional teaching associated with remediation

YUFA has reached an agreement with the Employer on a process by which members can apply for overwork remuneration for additional work associated with remediation. Members with contracts terminating on April 30, 2015 (e.g. CLAs, retirees teaching under Article 14.02, PDVs with teaching assignments) are eligible for remuneration based on a prorated weekly rate for the number of weeks in May required to complete their course(s). Members with continuing appointments will be paid at the hourly rate specified in Article 25.09 ($34.54). Although the remediation procedure is aimed primarily at members whose classes resumed during the strike, any member who believes that he or she has a basis for overwork remuneration may petition the Dean or Principal to have a claim considered. If you submit a claim and it is refused, please contact YUFA. Members intending to submit a claim should keep track of the additional time required to complete their courses. No member is required to submit a remediation plan unless he or she intends to make a claim for remuneration.

3. Teaching evaluations

The Employer has agreed that teaching evaluations for courses taught during the winter semester may be used to evaluate members for tenure and promotion only with the agreement of the member.

4. Other difficulties associated with remediation

Members have reported a number of concerns regarding room bookings for make-up sessions and tight deadlines for the submission of grades under circumstances where there may be insufficient marker-grader assistance. While the Employer has assured YUFA that assistance is available to members who contact their Dean’s/Principal’s office (or chair) with difficulties relating to remediation, please contact YUFA if you encounter any difficulties that aren’t resolved in a timely

5. Monitoring and discipline

YUFA has asked for the Employer’s assurance that 1) documentation of classes that resumed or did not resume during the strike (including rationales submitted by members) will not be retained, and 2) discipline shall not be pursued against members who made good-faith decisions regarding the resumption of classes. The Employer has indicated that there is no interest in pursuing discipline against members or retaining records. If you are concerned about any form of discipline or retaliation for your decision to resume or not to resume your course(s) or any other exercise of your professional judgment during the strike, please contact YUFA.