Encourage family, friends, and students to vote in Monday's federal election!

Dear colleagues: We are writing to encourage members to vote in Monday's federal election. All the indications are that this is a tight race and every vote counts!

If you have already voted in the advance polls, please encourage your family, friends, and students to do so as well.

All the information you need to vote is available in this article.

Of interest to our members, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has produced "For our future: Vote for education," an issue-based and non-partisan campaign with two goals: 

  1. To raise awareness about the positive role the federal government could play in strengthening the post-secondary education system
  2. To get out the student vote for education

CAUT has also created a presentation and a postcard, which academic staff can use to inform students about the federal election and how to vote.

With Election Day on Monday, colleagues still have an opportunity to make a final pitch to students about the importance of voting. Together, we can make post-secondary education a priority for students as they head to the polls.

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