Call for Nominations: Joint Employer-YUFA Committees and YUFA Committees

YUFA is seeking applications from members who wish to be considered for the positions on various joint and YUFA committees which will have vacancies beginning June 1, 2023. For each committee, the number of vacancies is indicated along with any course release associated with service. Unless otherwise indicated, all terms of service begin June 1, 2023 and end May 31, 2025. Appointments to committees are approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by Stewards’ Council.

If you wish to be considered for any of the positions available, kindly submit a written statement describing your reasons for wanting to serve, any relevant experience and any education or training. The deadline to submit your written statement is Friday, May 19, 2023 at 10:00 am Statements should be submitted to [email protected].
JCOAA/LRP (1 vacancy At-Large member; term ending May 31, 2024):

The Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement (JCOAA) (Article 7) shall function in an advisory capacity to the Association and/or the Employer with the general aim of ensuring that the Collective Agreement is administered in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect.

Joint Financial Information Subcommittee (2 vacancies; terms ending May 31, 2024): 

The Joint Committee shall establish a Financial Information Subcommittee to serve as the channel for the passing of data and analyses of the financial operations of the University between the parties. The Subcommittee shall meet at least once every six (6) weeks during the Autumn/Winter session and shall submit a summary report of its activities to the JCOAA once annually, between 1 February and 31 March. The Association shall receive all financial information given to Senate APPC and its subcommittees.

Joint Health and Safety Committees (5 vacancies – 0.25 FCE course release per year; terms ending May 31, 2025): 

YUFA is seeking (5) members to populate Joint Health and Safety Committees in the following precincts: 1) AMPD; 2) Central Square/Stedman/Curtis Lecture Halls/Accolade West; 3) Engineering; 4) York University Libraries; 5) Faculty of Education. JHSCs are now precinct-based rather than union-based which means that YUFA has representatives on 12 different multi-union JHSCs across campus. The terms of office for the JHSCs below are coming to an end on May 31, 2022 so we are seeking nominations for only those committees. Candidates may only apply for a location in which they work (normally where their office or lab is housed). If your office is not located in the precinct to which you’re applying, please advise how you are connected to the specific area represented by the JHSC.
JHSC certification training will be offered for appointed members. Appointments to the JHSC carry a 0.25 FCE course release per year of service.

Equity Subcommittee  (1 vacancy At-Large member; term ending May 31, 2024):
The Equity Subcommittee exists to assist the Equity Officers to facilitate, advance, and advocate for the reduction and removal of inequities at York University, with regard to issues such as hiring, tenure and promotion, salaries, and retirement. These include inequities on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnicity, religion, political belief, language, culture, ancestry, place of origin (birth place), colour, citizenship, creed, sex, pregnancy, sexual preference, marital status, family status, number of dependents, or belief or membership in associations, and other forms of discrimination. Specifically the Equity Subcommittee’s responsibilities shall include assisting the Equity Officers in: drafting contract proposals on equity issues; analysing the current Collective Agreement for biases and anomalies; ensuring more diverse representation in YUFA and on joint committees; facilitating, in consultation with the Grievance Subcommittee, the resolution of grievances that deal with equity issues at both the individual and policy levels; ensuring that equity issues are addressed within YUFA; working to educate YUFA members and others at York on equity issues; fostering discussion and understanding within YUFA and at York on equity questions and how they may be addressed. The Equity Officers shall report to the Executive Committee the Subcommittee’s progress on these responsibilities.

In constituting the Equity Subcommittee, the goal is to ensure breadth of representation and expertise. The subcommittee consists of the 2 YUFA Equity Officers; the chairs of the recognized caucuses (Disability; Race Equity; Queer; Indigenous) and 3 members appointed by the Executive Committee, preferably one of whom is from Glendon (By-Law #3a). Nominees are asked to provide a brief statement to the Executive prior to appointment concerning their expertise and background in equity issues and particular interest in serving.

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