YUFA's contract negotiations are underway!

The YUFA Collective Agreement expired on April 30, 2021, and the YUFA Executive and Bargaining Team are currently working hard to negotiate a fair and equitable collective agreement for all our members.

This is an important round of bargaining for YUFA, especially in the contexts of an ongoing global pandemic and the incredibly regressive public sector wage restraint legislation imposed by the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario. This piece of legislation, better known as Bill 124, was passed on November 19, 2019, with the effect of significantly constraining free and fair collective bargaining by imposing a series of 3-year “moderation periods” in which compensation (salary and compensation rates) are capped at 1%.

Given these contexts, our members are seeking improvements in 4 main thematic areas summarized below, and the YUFA Bargaining Team has submitted a full package of proposals to the Employer.

YUFA is seeking stronger provisions that will commit the University to meaningful equity, inclusivity, and diversity measures, including negotiating increases to its Indigenous, Black and racialized faculty complement to better serve the needs of York University’s diverse student body, and greater supports and resources for members from equity-seeking groups.

Workload and Working Conditions
YUFA members are overworked and under-supported. The ongoing pandemic has contributed to unprecedented increases to workloads, which disproportionately burdens members from equity-seeking groups, including members with care-giving responsibilities. YUFA is bargaining for provisions that promote better health and safety, including greater leave protections, a dignified and fair process to secure workplace accommodations, and the resources necessary to deliver high-quality education to support our students.

With the increasing intervention of senior administrators in collegial governance, YUFA is tabling proposals to improve fair, transparent and accountable decision-making. Our members are deeply invested in the sustainability of high-quality post-secondary education and the University needs to respect and provide Senate with greater authority in academic policy matters.

Retirement Security
Our members deserve to retire with respect and dignity. YUFA is bargaining to ensure our retired faculty, librarians and archivists have improved access to benefits and insurance protections they need and that is respectful of their long years of service to the University.

Members of your Bargaining Team are: Michol Hoffman (Chief Negotiator); Richard Wellen; Angele Alook; Antonella Valeo; Scott McLaren, Muhammad Yousaf; Minoo Derayeh (YUFA Equity Officer, Ex-Officio) and Arthur Hilliker (YUFA President).

If you want to reach out to the bargaining team with any questions or comments, please email [email protected].

Members are invited to the next Stewards’ Council meeting at 10:30am on October 1, 2021. Details to follow shortly.

Stay tuned for more details on how bargaining is progressing and how you can support YUFA’s bargaining efforts.