YUFA Executive Committee: By-Election for Equity Officer (1 of 2)

Notice of Vacancy:  By-Election for YUFA Officer Position

Fourth Call

Nominations are now being accepted for the position of Equity Officer (1 of 2).  Term of office ends 31 May 2016.

Candidates for election as Officers of the Association shall submit written statements of their qualifications, goals, and interest in serving. Where two or more candidates stand for an Officer position, an option to reject all candidates shall be placed on the ballots. Where only one candidate is nominated for an Officer position, a ratification ballot shall be conducted. Candidate statements shall be circulated with the ballots.

Equity Officers facilitate and advocate for the reduction and removal of inequities within YUFA and York, assisted by the Equity Subcommittee; Chair the Equity Subcommittee; develop and carry out projects and priorities as part of the work plan; are members of Executive and Stewards’ Council. Each Equity Officer shall receive 1.0 course equivalent of teaching release.

The deadline for nominations is September 17, 2015.  YUFA members who wish to nominate colleagues (with their consent), or who are themselves willing to serve, should indicate interest as soon as possible to the Association’s Returning Officer ([email protected], 416-736-5236) or by campus mail (240 York Lanes).

Web link: http://yufa.cmohr.ca/about-2/executive/