Will there be a strike?

If the York University senior administration does not offer a fair settlement, a strike date is set for March 24, 2022. Classes will be affected if they are taught by a full-time Faculty member including tenured, tenure-track, contractually limited-term, or Special Renewable Contract faculty. A strike can also affect the availability of librarians and archivists. YUFA is unsure what plans the York University Administration will make for students in the event of the strike, but we will do everything we can to keep our students informed.

In previous labour actions and pandemic disruptions at York University, students have never lost an academic term. YUFA is unable to provide an answer on whether the winter 2022 term will be extended. The onus is on York University Administration to prevent further disruptions for students.

We do not want a strike at York University. We are working very hard to avoid one, but we need the support of students and York community members to send a strong message to York University administration to avert a strike