Why should York students care about the YUFA negotiations?

YUFA’s goal is to improve the quality of education for everyone. We need your support to ensure that we are empowered to provide the best learning experience possible. The quality of students’ education is determined by a number of factors: class size; how much time faculty members have to develop and teach courses; how much time instructors have to grade your work and give you one-on-one instruction; what kind of resources are available to students and faculty; and whether your education environment is open, diverse and inclusive. 

YUFA members are currently facing deteriorating working conditions: workloads; time for mentoring and supporting students; developing curricula; professional development, and greater difficulty in recruiting and retaining the best faculty, librarians and archivists.

These issues have a direct and significant impact on student learning conditions, and our ability to meaningfully engage with students and provide an exceptional learning environment.