Bargaining Bulletin #5: YUFA Makes Progress; Q & A for Students

We are happy to report that YUFA has made some movement in our negotiations with the Employer. After months of stalled negotiations, on March 8, the York University employer is finally responding to some of YUFA’s proposals.

Our strong efforts are working. We call on colleagues to maintain pressure on York University senior administration. We will stand together to ensure that our place in university governance and academic matters is restored.

We have yet to make gains on equity, workload, PTR, appointments and job security for SRCs, interview rights for CLAs, and preservation of the DRC. We still need progress on the substantive issues.

We have secured two new mediation dates scheduled for March 15 and March 17. Mediation dates are now March 10, 12, 15 and 17. Mediation will continue if a strike is called.

Notwithstanding some promising movement, students and faculty, librarians and archivists share disillusionment with the entire "York experience." York University’s rising administrative managerialism, which has led to alienated contract negotiations and an increased bureaucracy that is neither efficient nor caring. We share with our students our frustration with: poor labour relations, faulty student systems, poor classroom and online technology, exorbitant parking fees, dilapidated buildings and washrooms, post pandemic workload and faculty burnout, and a general erosion of campus life in favor of new capital projects.

Support our Students, Stand with YUFA, Avert a strike:

Please take action and send this email to York University’s senior administration and share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

For member strike resources, see the Strike FAQ.

Please share with all your students:

For responses to students questions about a labor disruption should the employer fail to negotiate please consult our Student & Community FAQ page.

Students can click on YUFA’s “Ask Me Anything” link with questions about the dispute.

Show #Solidarity with YUFA on Social Media! Access YUFA’s asset toolkit here.

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