YUFA supports Black Lives Matter

The Executive Committee of the York University Faculty Association (YUFA ) is proud to voice its support of Black Lives Matter-Toronto (BLM-TO). As a labour union whose constitution and collective agreement are committed to equity, we advocate not only for our own members, but also for students and youth in Toronto and across Canada.

York University, like Toronto, has built its reputation on the diversity of its community—it encompasses and is comprised of many Racialised and Indigenous members, students and staff who are subject to racism, violence and the forms of policing that BLM-TO is critiquing through direct action.

YUFA encourages other university faculty associations to publicly support BLM-TO as a movement that defends the rights of Racialised and Indigenous peoples across Canada to be treated equitably and fairly within the workplace, education, the justice system, and/or Canadian society at large by actively rejecting and working to eradicate racism and colonialism in our public institutions.

YUFA represents approximately 1,500 faculty, librarians and postdoctoral visitors at York University. For more information, please visit yufa.ca.