YUFA Responds to the New Campus Proposal

On May 20, 2015, York University announced that the provincial government agreed to fund a new York University campus in Markham. YUFA's representatives on the Joint Committee for the Administration of the Collective Agreement (JCOAA) and the Joint Committee on Long Range Planning (LRP) have been asking the employer for detailed information on many dimensions of the proposal for many months. There was no consultation with respect to many issues of concern to faculty members such as the implications on workload, governance, resources and teaching on the new campus. Regrettably, the desire for a new campus has not been addressed through meaningful collegial discussions with members of the broader York University community, nor has the academic programming within it been seen at any stage by Senate.

The information on the proposal provided to YUFA via LRP was very limited and heavily redacted, apparently because of the competitive bidding context. At the very least, YUFA expects that the full proposal will now be made available to the community immediately.

We invite you to read YUFA's response, via LRP, to the employer's proposal to establish a new campus in Markham.  The YUFA Executive will continue to pay close attention to the issue and its implications for our members, and additional information will be made available in the coming weeks as we learn more about the details of these plans.