YUFA needs your help to expedite tenure & promotion files

YUFA has been advised by YUFA members that they continue to experience unacceptable tenure and promotion delays, specifically in regard to receiving their President’s Letter. This delay has been reported across departments and faculties.

YUFA continues to push for files to be appropriately moved through all stages of the tenure and promotion process, for the backlogs and delays to be addressed, and for additional efforts be made to expedite the exceptionally delayed files where possible. To assist with these efforts, YUFA is asking for all those who expected to receive their President’s Letter by June 30th but who have not yet received it to contact YUFA.

Please e-mail YUFA at [email protected] with the subject line “T&P Delay Data” and include the following information where possible: your faculty, unit, type of promotion (to Associate or to Full), date of SRC decision, when the file was sent to President’s Office, and the date of the President’s Letter.