YUFA memo on work expectations during Summer semester

YUFA has confirmed that the Employer will respect plans that members have made for sabbatical, research, conferences, and vacation in the Summer semester, regardless of any delays caused by the CUPE 3903 strike or by the Employer's rescheduling of the Summer semester. The agreement is based on similar arrangements that were made in 2015, following the previous CUPE 3903 strike.

Members should therefore proceed with their plans as they originally intended.

Faculty members going on sabbatical as of July 1 are not required to engage in remediation, teach delayed courses, or conduct other work flowing from the strike during the period of their sabbatical. If a faculty member is on sabbatical, has retired, has left the University, or has commenced a leave, the Employer will be responsible for making alternate arrangements for marking and completion of affected courses once the strike concludes.

The recent YUFA memo on remediation and the summer term is available here.

For more information, please email [email protected].