YUFA is seeking nominations for the Joint Subcommittee on Benefits

The Joint Subcommittee on Benefits has representatives from YUFA and the Employer and is tasked with addressing benefits issues. There are various important matters on its agenda, but there are vacancies on the YUFA side of the Subcommittee. We are calling on members to submit their nominations for this committee. Work in the committee counts towards Faculty’s, Librarians’ and Archivists’ service component.

YUFA negotiated various benefits increases during the last round of bargaining and is currently negotiating improvements to Retiree Benefits. The increases include the $450,000 Special Benefits Fund, which the Exec referred to the YUFA members on the committee to come with a proposal about what to do with the money. YUFA also needs to monitor the usage of the negotiated benefits to identify gaps or areas to improve. The recently negotiated improvement to medical marijuana has been inappropriately restricted and the committee can address this matter.

The Subcommittee is part of the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement, in accordance to Article 7 of the Collective Agreement. The term of the appointment is effective June 1, 2022 and ends un May 31, 2024. Appointments to committees are approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by Stewards’ Council.

Any member interested in joining the Subcommittee can send their nomination with a written statement describing their reasons for wanting to serve, any relevant experience and any education or training to [email protected] by 10am, August 22, 2022.