YUFA is seeking a volunteer for the Joint Financial Information Subcommittee (FISC)

The YUFA Caucus of the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement (JCOAA), per Article 7.03 (d) of the Collective Agreement, is seeking a member to fill a vacancy on the Joint Financial Information Subcommittee (FISC) (Article 7.04).

The mandate of the Subcommittee is to serve as the channel for the passing of data and analyses of the financial operations of the University between the parties. More information about the Subcommittee is available on the YUFA website here.

The Subcommittee meets at least once every six (6) weeks during the Autumn/Winter session on a schedule determined by its members.

If you are interested in filling the vacancy, please submit a brief statement to [email protected] (subject line: FISC Vacancy), outlining your interest and relevant experience, by September 21 at 5:00 p.m. The vacancy will be filled by an appointment of the Executive Committee, subject to ratification by Stewards' Council, per Article 7.2 (a) of the YUFA Constitution.