YUFA is increasingly concerned about the loss of salary income experienced by members

YUFA members have had their salary increases severely restricted since the start of the current collective agreement (May 2021). This is due to legislation by the provincial government that capped wage increases for most of the public sector. 

Inflation in Canada is high with the Consumer Price Index increasing by 6.8% in 2022. The result is a significant, real and continuing decline in the salary for YUFA members. 

The current collective agreement includes a reopener clause that would be activated if Bill 124 was struck down and not currently under appeal. Although in November 2022 the Ontario Superior Court struck down the legislation, the Ford government has appealed the decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal. The appeal court decision is expected later this year.

Faculty at several Ontario universities have been able to use the November 2022 court decision to avoid wage restraint under Bill 124.

In April, 2023, YUFA requested the Employer enter into an agreement with YUFA on the contents of a conditional catch-up salary remediation arrangement that would be implemented if the Ontario Court of Appeal upholds the decision of the lower court. There has not been a reply from the Employer to this request.

YUFA is increasingly troubled that for more than two years, the increase in the salary of members is not come even close to matching the rate by which the cost of food, accommodation and other expenditures are increasing. YUFA is also aware that the current collective agreement expires in less than 10 months and that the effect of declining real salary is a major worry for many members.