YUFA expresses concerns regarding search for Vice-President Equity, People and Culture

Dear colleagues,

As many of you will know, there is currently a search underway for a new administrative position at York: a Vice-President, Equity, People and Culture. YUFA's Equity Subcommittee, joined now by the Executive Committee, is concerned about the lack of transparency in the search thus far.  

In late February, YUFA President Art Redding wrote to President Lenton and to Provost and Vice-President Academic Philipps to express these concerns in the following letter. YUFA has yet to receive a response from either the President or the Provost.

Dear Rhonda, Dear Lisa,

I am writing formally to share with you YUFA's concerns.

The YUFA Equity Subcommittee and Executive Committee express concern about the lack of transparency in the processes of developing, approving, and hiring for York's new position of Vice-President Equity, People and Culture. The diversity of communities at York University and the importance of addressing Affirmative Action and equity at York mean that wide input and consultation are required.

We urge the administration and the Hiring Committee to: 

  • provide the York community with statements by the short-listed candidates for this position (with names omitted, if necessary);
  • accept feedback from the community on these statements; and 
  • report on the consultation process and how the Hiring Committee has taken the views of those consulted about this position into account.

Art Redding
York University Faculty Association

Since YUFA initially wrote to the President and to the Provost, YUFA's Race Equity Caucus (REC) would like to request a meeting with each of the candidates for the new Vice-President position, during which community members could meet and engage the candidates. YUFA's Equity Subcommittee and Executive Committee strongly endorse REC's proposal for a meeting. YUFA will shortly send another letter to the President and the Provost to formalize this request.

For more information, please email [email protected].