YUFA applies for conciliation

Dear members,

We are writing to let you know that YUFA has applied for conciliation in bargaining. This is an important step, as we aim to expedite negotiations and obtain a strong Collective Agreement.

YUFA's Collective Agreement with York University expired on April 30, 2018. However, despite meeting eighteen times over three months of bargaining, we have yet to produce a new Collective Agreement. The Employer has been unwilling to address such key concerns of our members as the erosion of our compensation framework (pensions, benefits, and annual PTR increments), as well as issues of governance, teaching load, and equity in hiring.

YUFA is confident that a conciliator will be able to assist the parties in reaching a settlement.

The YUFA Bargaining Team and the Employer have agreed to continue to meet.

More information on YUFA bargaining is available here, including a video update about bargaining from the YUFA president.

More information on conciliation is available here.