How will YUFA address financial implications of a strike

Strikes do impose financial burdens on members, particularly if they last a long time. In addition to strike pay, unions find ways to assist members with particularly difficult financial situations so they will continue to participate in the strike. In the past, YUFA has advocated for interest-free loans with credit unions for those having a difficult time paying their mortgage. As well, as YUFA has done, unions express their support for others on strike by making donations to their local strike fund, which can be used to provide additional assistance to members experiencing acute financial pressures. Finally, if there is a remediation period in which we have to work to make up for lost class time, YUFA will insist on remediation pay for our members.

Mortgage relief: YUFA will write a letter that members can take to their banks and negotiate an interest-free loan or mortgage payment deferrals.

Remediation: It is common practice in labour relations, and YUFA fully expects that members will be paid their salaries for the duration of the strike period retroactively.