Unite against hate, racism and Islamophobia

An image of candles lit against a dark backdrop during a vigil An image of candles lit against a dark backdrop during a vigil

The York University Faculty Association (YUFA) condemns the deadly terror attack that took place in Quebec City on Sunday evening, and extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the six men killed. We also extend our hand in solidarity to the Muslim community of Quebec City; to our Muslim colleagues, students, co-workers and friends at York University; and to all those communities who are feeling vulnerable in the wake of this terrible crime: we stand with you against all forms of hate, racism and Islamophobia.

The events of recent weeks have contributed to a climate of hate, suspicion and fear—an environment in which racist ideas can grow and spread rapidly, and in which bigots and racists feel emboldened. But this has also been a period of incredible solidarity and resistance, in which millions of people have begun to unite against the harmful and hateful ideas that often divide us, and to mobilize together for a world of justice and peace.

It is this spirit of solidarity and resistance that we—as teachers, leaders, and mentors—must cultivate and spread, not only in our classrooms and across campus, but throughout our communities and in society at large. Whenever and wherever we encounter hate, racism or Islamophobia, we must confront and oppose it, and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are fighting it.

In the coming days, we commit to uniting with allies on campus to support any and all initiatives against hate, racism and Islamophobia, and to deepen solidarity among our communities. On Saturday, YUFA will participate in the National Day of Action against Islamophobia and White Supremacy, and we encourage members to join the YUFA contingent. Stay tuned for more details.

YUFA will post a French version of this statement on the Facebook page of the Centre Culturel Islamique du Québec, the site of Sunday’s terror attack, and will make a donation to the Centre in support the Muslim Community of Quebec City. We invite YUFA members to share their own messages of support with the Centre, too.

In times like these, unity matters more than ever. Let us strengthen the bonds that hold our communities together, and support and comfort each other as we continue our common struggle for a better world.

This statement is available in PDF. Please download and share widely.

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