Three motions adopted at the Special Membership Meeting

At a Special General Membership Meeting on March 21, 2024, attended by over 400 members, the following three motions were adopted:


i. YUFA members call on YUFA’s executive to reaffirm that, as stated in our Collective Agreement and in Senate policy and in the York Act, the assessment of the academic integrity of courses is the sole responsibility of course directors.

ii. YUFA shall actively promote and support the autonomy of course directors in exercising their professional judgment when evaluating academic integrity, without undue interference or influence from deans or principals.

iii. The YUFA Bargaining Committee shall prioritize the recognition and protection of the authority of course directors in matters related to academic integrity during the collective bargaining process and in university governance policies and procedures.


The YUFA membership directs its bargaining team to undertake its full response to the Employer’s bargaining proposals only once the ramifications of the proposed Job Security Program (JSP) and/or other seniority programs for YUFA rights can be determined. This can only occur once there has been a ratified agreement with CUPE 3903 and once YUFA’s bargaining priorities have been established in consultation with its membership.

Because of serious concerns relating to administrative overreach arising both from recent events regarding the determination of academic integrity in individual courses, and the erosion of collegial governance practices around hiring and teaching assignments through the JSP, the YUFA membership further directs its bargaining team to reject any concessions or concessionary proposals relating to governance issues.


The meeting also discussed the loss of confidence in the senior administrative leadership of York University and calls for the President and Provost to resign.

In that regard the following motion was approved: “That the membership table a proper motion, with a rationale and report so that the motion of non-confidence allows members to make an informed vote to bring to the SGGM.”