Technology supports for faculty

Faculty Relations recently provided YUFA with the following list of resources for technical support related to the upcoming exam period. If you find these resources inadequate or have issues with any of these resources, please contact the relevant office and copy YUFA at [email protected] so that YUFA is informed and can address these issues with the Employer directly.

Arthur Hilliker
President, YUFA

Technology supports for faculty

For urgent IT support, please call the Faculty-dedicated IT number, if one exists.
Please see the contact information below.

If the Faculty does not have dedicated IT staff, please contact the UIT Service Desk.
Please see the contact information below.

Resources and contact information

For a list of contacts within the Teaching Commons and by Faculty, please click here.

For Faculty-dedicated IT telephone numbers and emails, please click here (hours and contact information by Faculty are displayed at the bottom of the page).

For Learning Technology Services, please see:

For the UIT Service Desk, please see:

  • Website for off-campus computing (for Live Chat, please click on the vertical red button on the right-hand edge of the page)
  • Main UIT website
  • Phone: 416-736-5800
  • Email: [email protected]
  • On-campus, in-person support: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (until December 23) from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 136 Campus Walk, main floor of Steacie Science and Engineering Building

To make an online request for service, please click here. Click on “I am an employee” and then enter your Passport York username and password.

For real-time technical support for undergraduate students during exams, please access Ask SAVY (chat) via eClass or the Current Students website.