Special YUFA meeting on pensions: Agenda + FAQ

A jar labelled "Pension" full of coins

Dear colleagues,

As you know, YUFA has scheduled a meeting to discuss proposals to revisit money-saving changes made to the York Pension Plan in 2014, which York's unions believe are no longer justified in light of the evident financial health of both the pension plan and the University's overall balance sheet. We urge all members to attend this meeting in order to improve your knowledge of the pension plan and to have input into the discussion of the proposals.

Pensions can comprise as much as 30 per cent of an employee's lifetime compensation from York University, so this is a high priority for all YUFA members.

At the meeting, we will provide illustrations of the impact of the recent changes on our pensions, as well as comparisons to indexing formulas used by other pension plans.

Special YUFA meeting on pensions
Wednesday, January 24
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Founders Assembly Hall
152 Founders College

Proposed agenda: 

  1. Review of York Pension Plan
  2. Importance of pension indexing and impact of recent changes
  3. Comparison with other university pension plans
  4. Possible proposals to revise the York Pension Plan
  5. Recent pension developments in Ontario university sector

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