Latest news on the Faculty-Grad Student Café & Pub

An image of the name and logo of "et al."--the new faculty/grad student café and pub

The latest update on the Faculty/Grad Student Café & Pub includes the following items:

  • et al.'s mission and governance structure
  • Become a member today!
  • What would you like et al. to be?
  • How to get involved



et al.’s mission and governance structure

et al. is a co-operative venture that will create a welcoming space for faculty and graduate students to relax, eat, and drink. It aims to be environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable, proving that a business can be viable while respecting the environment, surrounding community, and its workers. Our non-profit co-operative has three objectives:

  1. Provide food and beverage services to its members in a location for social interaction and intellectual engagement;
  2. Operate in an environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable way that supports local initiatives and food providers;
  3. Provide experiential educational opportunities for students at York and beyond.

The Board of the Co-operative is composed of three appointees by the corporate members (one each from York University Faculty Association, York University Graduate Students' Association and Green Campus Co-operative) and an equal number of elected members who are graduate students and faculty members (three to six from each group), along with one at-large member.

There are four officer positions on the Board: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board maintains four standing committees: Finance, Education & Marketing, Events & Member Engagement, and Sustainability & Supply Chain. More information on the Co-operative's governance structure as well as our by-laws will be uploaded to the Co-operative's website.


Become a member today!

YUFA and YUGSA both held referenda and are founding corporate members; however, the Ontario Co-operative Act requires that individuals must give their consent to be members. For this reason, we need members of YUFA, YUGSA, and the Green Campus Co-op to sign up as individual members of et al. Due to the contributions from YUFA and YUGSA, all members of these organizations can register at no cost.

Membership is necessary to the functioning of the café & pub because, by provincial law, we need to do 50% of our business within our membership. Membership also provides other benefits, such the right to vote at our annual general meeting and run for the Board of Directors. In addition, we will also be having events for members, including wine and beer tastings, special dinners, summer culinary classes, and more.

To register, please click here. It will only take thirty seconds to fill out and help contribute to our co-operative community!


What would you like et al. to be?

As a non-profit, co-operatively run business, et al.'s main goal is to serve its membership. To this end, we need the membership's feedback and suggestions so we can tailor the experience to your needs. If you have ideas about food and drinks, events, experiential education, or more general comments about how et al. can be improved, please email [email protected].


How to get involved!

As a membership-driven co-operative, et al. will thrive based on your involvement. Beyond ordering food and beverages and making use of the space, which we encourage you to do, there are other ways of getting involved. Consider joining one of our committees:

  • Education & Marketing Committee: Explores and arranges for experiential education opportunities and marketing et al. via traditional and social media platforms
  • Events & Membership Engagement Committee: Creating and organizing events, including an events management system, and developing ongoing membership engagement procedures
  • Sustainability & Supply Chain Committee: Committed to environmentally friendly food sustainability and oversees supply chains

If you are interested in joining one or more of these committees, please email [email protected]. Remember to specify which committee you are interested in.

Your input and involvement will help shape the future of et al.!