Join the 2018 Walk with Excellence

Students from the 2016 Walk with Excellence sit facing a stage during the celebration and wearing white t-shirts with the "Walk with Excellence" logo on the back.

This year, the Walk with Excellence is on Monday, May 14. Due to the strike, instead of taking the community to York, the Walk will be bringing York to the community. The Walk will start at Westview Collegiate and students will walk to the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA), 995 Arrow Road.

There are two options for participation:

  1. Meet the Walk as it arrives at JCA (995 Arrow Road) at approximately 11:00 a.m.
  2. Join the Walk at Westview Collegiate (755 Oakdale Road) at approximately 10:30 a.m.

These times may vary; organizers will confirm by the end of the week.

The organizers are hoping Faculty will wear their robes! This is such an exciting opportunity to celebrate Jane-Finch students in their success!

For more information about the Walk, check out the 2016 walk.

The JCA is an institution that comes out of greatness. Its founders are Orders of Canada and have changed the course of history several times in their lives. The current leadership is young and dynamic. This year, we will be relying on some of these amazing community assets as we celebrate and encourage these students.

Please let me know if you and some of your staff and student leaders will be willing to come out for this. I know it will be a bigger time commitment, but especially important this year.

Please share with YUFA colleagues!

Natalie Coulter
Co-Chair, Community Projects