Invite YUFA to your unit to discuss bargaining

A photo of a room of people in a meeting, seated in chairs and facing a speaker in front of them

As part of its ongoing engagement with the membership about bargaining, the Executive Committee is planning visits to as many units as possible in the coming weeks. Each visit will be an opportunity for Executive members to provide updates about the state of bargaining, to discuss in more detail YUFA’s key bargaining proposals, and to get feedback from members.

There are two ways that members could help arrange a YUFA visit to their units:

  1. Add “YUFA bargaining update” to the agenda of a unit meeting that has already been organized. Try to allot at least 20 or 30 minutes for the item, so there is plenty of time for discussion.
  2. Organize a separate meeting that only addresses YUFA bargaining. A separate meeting can be longer in length (an hour is usually enough), which allows more time for discussion.

When you have confirmed the date, time, and location of your meeting, please contact YUFA to request a speaker from the Executive Committee. Email [email protected] (subject line: Unit visit).

There are currently seven bargaining sessions scheduled with the Employer in October. Feedback from members in their units will help us support the Bargaining Team and strengthen the bargaining process.

We remain committed to a negotiated settlement, and look forward to your continued support.

For more information about bargaining, including updates and backgrounders, please click here.