Increased workload due to COVID-19 and working remotely

Since March 2020, the transition to working and teaching remotely due to COVID-19 has meant a significant degree of additional work and other workload concerns for our members. For example, many faculty members and librarians/archivists have had to translate various learning, teaching, and research materials into more appropriate formats for online environments, learn about and acquire new tools for remote teaching, address challenges with renegotiating permissions and copyright, and quickly learn various new technological software platforms and other technical skills previously unnecessary to do their jobs.

Faculty members and librarians/archivists have also had to conduct significantly more administrative and technical work than ever before to meet the demands of working remotely.

We also understand that members have experienced additional workload burdens owing to the various technical glitches that have occurred through York’s Moodle/e-Class transition that was scheduled only two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

YUFA is asking members to track the following, please:

  1. Any additional tasks you may have, due to COVID-19 and having to work remotely, and the accompanying time estimates of these tasks; and
  2. Tasks that require extra time due to COVID-19 (i.e. responding to a greater volume of student emails) and the accompanying additional time estimates of these tasks.

In the next few weeks, YUFA will be asking members for this information, via a survey. These records will be invaluable for YUFA in order to communicate members' needs to the Employer in various spaces, including in our regular meetings with the Employer about COVID-19-related matters.

Some examples of such tracking are provided below for your reference. These examples are, by no means, exhaustive. Please add whatever may be relevant to your own experience.

Thank you.

Arthur Hilliker
President, YUFA

Nick Mulé

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