IMPORTANT YUFA Update on Teaching Online and In-person

YUFA members are facing a return to in-person teaching starting January 31, 2022 (see President’s January 20, 2022 communication on phased return).

YUFA members scheduled to provide in-person courses are NOT also required to teach online.

YUFA recognizes the profound anxiety and uncertainty many members are experiencing in the wake of that announcement.

YUFA understands that members have students who, for many reasons, cannot attend in-person classes. Members who are required to teach in-person commonly feel compelled to accommodate students and end up agreeing to teach in both an online/remote context and an in-person format (e.g. Hyflex). Other members may be unaware that they are not required to teach both in-person and online/remotely.

For many members, offering a course both in-person and online/remote will markedly increase their workload. YUFA is concerned that there is a tendency for additional workload to be borne by our members without appropriate recognition of workload and compensation.

YUFA reminds members that the Provost specifically stated in her December 6, 2021 communication to all colleagues,

“…where a course is scheduled for in-person delivery, as the instructor for that course, you have no obligation to make exceptions for students by delivering the course to them remotely or in dual format… there is no obligation to deliver the course in more than one mode.”

YUFA further reminds members that the December 14, 2021 Memorandum of Settlement (available here) negotiated between York University and YUFA settling the four COVID-related grievances stipulates that YUFA is not able to file grievances for COVID-related workload claims covering up to June 30, 2022.

YUFA recognizes that members will have very different capacities and inclinations regarding teaching in two formats. Such a requirement may impact certain members (for example, pre-tenure, racialized, Indigenous faculty and members with disabilities and family accommodation needs) more acutely than others.  YUFA urges all members to support one another regardless of their decision.

YUFA is aware that there is much discussion regarding Hyflex teaching (see this resource from York University’s Teaching Commons).  The Association believes that YUFA members, and the broader York community, need to be consulted and involved in shaping any future direction the University may take with respect to Hyflex and hybrid modes of delivery.  Units may wish to reconsider their workload documents as described in Article 18.08.1 in any such discussions. 

Please look for future communications from YUFA on these issues.

Members with questions or concerns may email [email protected].